Google Pixel devices experiencing storage access issue after Android 14 update


Google Pixel devices experiencing storage



  • Google Pixel 6 and later models are affected by a storage access issue.
  • This forces a reboot, while some devices are stuck on a reboot loop.
  • Google said it has rolled out an update that should fix this issue.

Google Pixel smartphones starting with the Pixel 6 and later models have been facing an issue after the Android 14 update. Some of these devices prevent users from accessing the media storage, and even reboots the device. Google has addressed the issue, and it has rolled out an update that should fix it.

Google Pixel storage access issue

  • Google, in its support page, explained the issue saying that the primary user is unable to access media storage.
  • It can also reboot the device with a “Factory data reset” message. There’s no way to escape this as accepting the message will reboot the device but users might lose any data not backed up. If declined, the device will repeatedly reboot with the “Pixel is starting” message.
  • Google said it affects only Pixel 6 and later models that have updated to Android 14. In particular, it affects those devices with multiple users including users, guests, restricted profiles, and child users.
  • It also clarified that devices that have more than one Google account within the primary user or work profiles are unaffected by this bug.
  • “We’re continuing to work on fixes for impacted devices, and have already pushed out a Google Play system update that will help prevent this issue from being triggered on additional devices,” Google said in its support page.
  • If your Pixel is affected by this issue then you can follow these steps to check for the update:
  • Open the Settings app on your Pixel.
  • Select Security & Privacy, then tap on Updates.
  • Tap Security Update for security updates, and Google Play system update.
  • Then follow any steps displayed on the screen.

This system update should help fix devices that prevent accessing media storage. But for devices that are stuck in the “Pixel is starting” boot loop, Google said it’s investigating the issue and will share an update soon. As for those who have already rebooted their device, Google suggests not to add a secondary until the OTA update is available.


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