iPhone 12, rated to survive 30 minutes under water, found working after 3 months in a lake



  • An iPhone 12 reportedly survived three months inside a lake.
  • The device managed to power back on, and even function normally.
  • The iPhone 12 is designed to survive underwater for only 30 minutes.

iPhones aren’t the strongest when it comes to durability but this one iPhone 12 managed to perform something miraculous by surviving three months underwater. In reality, the iPhone 12 has very little water resistance of up to a maximum depth of 6 meters, and for up to 30 minutes. But in a bizarre incident, an iPhone 12 was discovered to have been submerged underwater for three months, and managed to survive it.

iPhone 12 survives three months underwater

  • This incident took place in Northern California, where an iPhone 12 was found inside the Stanislaus River on November 10th. It was discovered by this person named Lee who was diving in the river to look for salmon, according a reportby Apple Insider.
  • The iPhone 12 was covered in algae and it was found sitting among some rocks. Lee cleaned it up, and set it to dry for a few days.
  • Lee even managed to turn the device on after connecting it to a charger on November 16th. The iPhone 12 functioned normally, and surprisingly didn’t have a passcode.
  • Since it didn’t have a passcode, Lee could unlock it and found some recent photos and contacts. The last video captured on the iPhone 12 was from September 4th, and it was from the same river.
  • This suggests that the iPhone 12 must have been submerged for three months. Lee hasn’t been able to find the owner but plans to reach out to people from the contacts list, and return the device, the report added.

It’s quite interesting that the iPhone 12 managed to stay underwater for three months, and survive it. It even functions properly despite having been in a situation where one would have most likely given up on it.

But this isn’t the first we’re hearing about iPhones surviving underwater. Back in 2016, the ancient iPhone 4 was found after sitting at the bottom of the lake for one year. The device even managed to work properly albeit some visible damages. The iPhone 11 Pro is also said to have survived 30 days inside a freezing lake.

These are rare cases though, and we don’t advise anyone to submerge their iPhone underwater, and expect it to continue working normally.

Key Specs

Apple iPhone 12
Apple A14 Bionic | 4 GBProcessor
6.1 inches (15.49 cm)Display
12 MP + 12 MPRear camera
12 MPSelfie camera
2815 mAhBattery
  • As per the report (via), the upcoming iPhone 17 Pro Max is expected to feature an upgraded 48MP telephoto lens.
  • Notably, this enhanced telephoto lens will likely be specifically optimised for compatibility with Apple’s forthcoming Vision Pro headset.
  • Meanwhile, the recently announced iPhone 15 Pro models feature a 48MP main camera, along with 12MP ultra-wide and 12MP telephoto lenses.

Pu, who authored the note, previously stated that the iPhone 16 Pro models would include a 48MP ultra-wide lens. Consequently, it’s speculated that the iPhone 17 Pro Max could potentially become the first iPhone model to incorporate a rear camera system exclusively comprising 48MP lenses.

It is worth noting that an increased number of megapixels in a camera enables photos to capture more detail, providing practical benefits for tasks such as cropping and printing. iPhone 16 series expected features

On the other hand, a recent report said the iPhone 16 Pro Max is expected to outperform Android flagship models, particularly with the inclusion of an Ultra Telephoto lens. The terms “Ultra Telephoto” or “Super Telephoto” are used to describe cameras with focal lengths that surpass 300mm.

To provide context, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra boasts a 10X Optical Zoom sensor with a focal length of 230mm, which represents a notable advancement compared to the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 6X optical zoom periscope telephoto camera.

Meanwhile, there’s a possibility that the iPhone 16 Pro Max might be named iPhone 16 Ultra, reflecting a higher specification differentiation compared to the standard Pro model.

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