Apple mistakenly ships 60 iPhone 15 Pro Max units worth $96,000 to TikToker instead of four



  • This TikToker claims that he received 60 instead of four iPhone 15 Pro Max units.
  • The total worth of these iPhones adds up to $3,600.
  • Apple also shipped the 1TB storage model for each of them

Someone at Apple messed up an order so bad they ended up sending iPhone 15 Pro Max units worth $96,000 (Rs 79,91,553 approx). The lucky customer is a TikToker who had originally ordered four iPhone 15 Pro Max models but received a total of 60 units instead. And each of these iPhones are of the maximum storage of 1TB.

TikToker gets 60 units of iPhone 15 Pro Max by mistake

  • The iPhone customer shared this on TikTok, and it was spotted by AppleTrack with screenshots shared on X. We don’t have access to the original video (TikTok is banned in India) but we do get to see few screengrabs on the X post.
  • According to the TikToker with the username @legends_gio, he had actually ordered an iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB for himself, and three iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB models for his team.
  • But when the shipment arrived, he received three boxes containing 60 units of iPhone 15 Pro Max. And each of them with 1TB storage. So an order of $3,600 placed ended up becoming one of $96,000. The iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB costs $1,599 in the US.

This is clearly an error from Apple’s part, and the company is expected to rectify it. But it still would have been surprising and fun to have received much more than what you had originally ordered for. Now it isn’t confirmed if Apple took the iPhones back or if the TikToker returned them. But even if he does plan on keeping them, Apple might just remotely brick the iPhones. Apple can do this for iPhones that are stolen or in this case kept without authorisation. It seems like the troubles don’t stop for Apple with the latest iPhone 15 series. The new iPhone models have been plagued with one issue after another since it hit the shelves. Apple has also been facing stock issues with the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Now this incident isn’t about anything faulty with the devices but it’s certainly a funny and embarrassing one as well.

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